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Why Give?

In order to provide the education that our students deserve we need the help of our entire St. Mary School Community. This includes current parents, alumni parents, alumni and friends. Your gifts, regardless of the amount, will help us achieve our mission of providing our students with the skills necessary to maximize academic, moral and spiritual development. St. Mary School is a great place, but only because of your help! Let's see what our most recent alumni have to say...

"Saint Mary School is one of the best schools there is. It teaches all the students that kindness is key. It also teaches kids to keep God in mind at all times. The teachers and staff also are very kind, helpful and welcoming. Since all the teachers and staff are amazing, all the students learn from them and make many new friends. They also become more responsible and caring for their own personal life. After a day or two at this school, you will feel like it is your second home and your second family. I have been at this school since Kindergarten and am very pleased and happy that my parents sent me to this school. I would not trade this experience for anything else in the world (September, 2015)."

Vanessa K. – Class of 2016

"I like Saint Mary School because of the people in it. They show respect. Also, they show kindness to others. The teachers especially are kind to the students and each other. I love this school because it is a loving and peaceful school. This is the school to attend if you’re looking for kindness and loving, respectful teachers and staff (September, 2015)."

Candice H. – Class of 2016

"I am very proud to attend Saint Mary School. I am always learning new things. I know the teachers will support me. The staff is especially welcoming. I am very lucky to be learning in a calm, Catholic environment. When I am at Saint Mary, I don’t feel like I’m at school. I feel like I am around my family. I love Saint Mary School (September, 2015)!"

Julia P. – Class of 2016

Please consider making a gift to St. Mary School, so we can continue to provide a positive learning environment like Vanessa, Candice and Julia describe.