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Clubs & Organizations

St. Mary School is dedicated to educating the whole child. This means, although academics is a large part of what we do here, it is not our only focus. St. Mary School is committed to educating the whole child by offering a rigorous academic program, as well as athletics and extracurricular activities. Our two major clubs are the Legion of St. Mary and our Student Council. However, St. Mary School will be expanding its club offerings throughout the 2016-2017 school year. A couple of clubs to look out for are a Robotics Club and also a Photography Club. Students with interests in certain areas are encouraged to share their ideas with their teachers and the Principal.

Club days vary each week.

Art Club

The Art Club is a club for students in grades 6-8. Members of this club have the opportunity to express themselves through various forms of Art. The most important aspect of this club is allowing students to be creative. The Art Club runs from dismissal until 4:00 PM.

Homework Club

The Homework Club is for students in grades 6-8. The club is held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from dismissal until 4:00 PM. Students who attend Homework Club use this time to complete their homework and ask teachers for extra help when needed.

Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is a club dedicated to serving others, especially those less privileged. The members of this club meet periodically to discuss and organize different events. Some of the events include bake sales, which raise funds for the club. Some of the acts of kindness provided by the club include putting together and distributing Easter baskets for the needy.


Our Robotics club, moderated by Mrs. Petruzzi, Mrs Riley and Mrs. Murphy, is open to students in grades 3-8. This group meets once a week and learns how to program and build robots. Our students work in groups to learn valuable lessons in the field of technology. We also have very gracious volunteers, Mr. Petruzzi and Mrs. Bellemare, who help out each week, too.

Student Council

The St. Mary School Student Council is a group of elected students in grades 5-8. These students represent the student body as a whole and serve as a liaison to the faculty and administration. In addition to raising student concerns, they also organize different donation drives, like a hat, scarf and mitten drive and a canned food drive.

2016-2017 Student Council Officers

President - Megan Arias, grade 8

Vice President - Jessinya Severino, grade 7

Treasurer - Ben Brodeur, grade 8

Secretary - Angelo Di Giorancarlo, grade 6

8th Grade Representatives

Brayden Wihbey

Maggie Bellemare

Alyssa Dyer

Brianna Dalipovski

7th Grade Representatives

Isabella Santiago

Kiomarie Sanchez

6th Grade Representatives

Isabella Acevedo

Tim Finkenzeller (alternate)

5th Grade Representatives

Gabriella Acevedo (alternate)

Aubree Mordino