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St. Mary School Athletics

Since its founding more than 125 years ago, St. Mary School has maintained a top notch athletics program. The Cougar teams have won many league and tournament championships throughout the years.

Athletics are an integral part of St. Mary’s overall educational program. Athletics strives to create physical and mental excellence. This value-building experience is offered to as many students as possible.

Coaches and administrators possess a unique opportunity to teach positive life skills and values. Guiding the team to reach its maximum potential is the ultimate goal. To this end, the coaching staff teaches student athletes to reach their maximum potential, and then to be modest in victory and steadfast in defeat. Student Athletes who make this commitment learn about integrity, pride, loyalty, and overall character.

Athletic Director: Mr. Brian Zaccagnini

List of competitive programs:

Fall Season:

Boys and Girls Cross Country

Winter Season:

Boys and Girls JV Basketball -5th & 6th Grade

Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball- 7th & 8th Grade

Spring Season:

Boys JV Baseball - 5th & 6th Grade

Boys Varsity Baseball - 7th & 8th Grade

Girls Softball - 5th - 8th Grade