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Why St. Mary School?

Student Testimonial

Who better to answer the question "Why St. Mary School?" than our students?

"I like Saint Mary School because it is fun, warm and welcoming. The school, in my opinion, is the best school around. The teachers are downright awesome. They teach us right -- at our own pace. I have been at Saint Mary since Pre-K and I have loved it ever since."

Joshua C. – Class of 2016

What Makes Us Different?


  • Students in Pre-K through 8th grade benefit from the study of Religion through hands-on, innovative lessons.
  • The teachers and staff at St. Mary School guide their students through the discovery of the living God, Jesus Christ.
  • Weekly, school-wide prayer services are held every Monday. The students and staff also gather once a month for a community Mass. In addition, every day begins with a morning prayer led by students, teachers, and the Principal.


  • St. Mary School is the first school in the Archdiocese of Hartford to implement the STREAM initiative into its curriculum. STREAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics.
  • Students in grades K-8 will have weekly specials in: Art, Library, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish. Grades 6-8 have Spanish five days a week, while grades 3-5 have Spanish three days a week. Pre-K students will have Art, Library and Music.
  • Students' different learning styles and abilities are met through differentiated learning.


  • St. Mary School offers extracurricular and community service opportunities to its students that include: Legions of Mary, Cross-Country (boys and girls), Basketball (boys and girls), baseball and softball.
  • The extracurricular life of this school is continuing to grow each year. We encourage our students to create new clubs.