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Saint Mary School offers a comprehensive Pre-Kindergarten program for children ages three and four. There is a classroom and program for three year olds and for four year olds. The curriculum is play based and is designed to enhance and nurture the whole child. The teachers are focused of their students’ spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth through hands on play and structured center activities.


Our Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 has embraced our new STREAM education model just as all of our other grades have this year!

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Throughout a two week period in the Fall our PreK streamed along with the story Little Red Riding Hood. Our students learned about characteristics of wolves in Life Science, were introduced to forest life and why its important for us to take care of all of God's creations, in Art and Math they created their own forest with shapely trees, and drew their own depiction of Red Riding Hood. The unit ended with an engineering challenge, which is pictured above! The children were thinkers, planners and creators! Bridges were the popular choice to get Red away from the wolf! Others thought of trampolines, cars and trains!

2017-2018 Tuition Rates

5 full days: $4,450.00

5 half days: $3,150.00

3 full days: $3,350.00

3 half days: $2,650.00

Care 4 Kids

Saint Mary School accepts Care 4 Kids. This is a sliding fee program run by the State of Connecticut to help make child care more affordable. Under Care 4 Kids, you can now enroll your 3- or 4-year old in our full-day or half-day Pre-K.

For more information visit the Care 4 Kids website.