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Pastor's Welcome

As one of the oldest Catholic Parochial Schools in the State of Connecticut, we’re very proud of our history. Tens of thousands of children have received their primary education and Christian formation from dedicated Religious Sisters and lay faculty at St. Mary School since it was founded 128 years ago. Our graduates have accomplished great things throughout the country. While we’re understandably proud of our past we’re most excited and focused on what is happening now with the children currently enrolled.

Under the capable leadership of Jonathan De Rosa, our new principal, we’re the first school in the Archdiocese to implement STREAM (integrated curriculum focusing on Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, the Arts and Math).

We see our School as partners with parents and guardians in the important work of guiding children in identifying, developing and sharing their God given talents and gifts for their personal fulfillment and His greater honor and glory. May God continue the good work He began in us 129 years ago far into the future!